4 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Save Money This Summer

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4 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Save Money This Summer

Saving money over summer can sometimes be difficult as you try to make the most of the better weather and seasonal traditions. But there are always ways to cut down your expenses without missing out on the summer fun.

1. Days out on a budget

You can still take advantage of the summer days on a budget; you don’t have to spend money to enjoy yourself. Turn to the great outdoors for days out and for summer activities.  We are lucky to live in a county thriving with nature parks, lakes and walking routes. A picnic in the local park instead of dining out, a drive to the beach, a countryside walk, or visiting local nature reserves are just a few examples of what you could enjoy with your families without spending a lot of money.

Not only would this benefit your bank account but choosing to bike, hike and walk can allow you to stay active and keep fit. The money you save by doing this could go towards your future goals.

2. Browse online to get the best value for your money

If you’re looking to spend money in the shops, make sure you shop around to get the best prices and best value for your money. You don’t have to rush to the nearest shopping outlet anymore to acquire your shopping. Shopping online can be the best option for browsing multiple shops quickly and for seeking the best prices. This can also be true for booking holidays and trips away.

Taking advantage of online technology can help you in many ways. The True Potential app allows our clients to track their investments and add to them with ease through their phones and on their computers/laptops.

3. Plan and buy in advance

If you know there’s an event, holiday or special occasion coming up over the summer season, don’t leave it until the last minute to buy what you need as this can induce panic buying which isn’t always kind on your wallet or purse.  If you put aside smaller amounts of money and buy little bits at a time with plenty of time to spare, you’re more likely to stay in budget and have time to get everything you need for a better price.

This works for saving and investing too. One day you will be planning to retire, so by investing little by little into your pension over a long period of time, you may reach your pension goals sooner and without the panic.

4. Pay yourself first

When payday comes, the best way to make sure your savings and investments aren’t being neglected is by putting your money into your investment or savings account first, and then budgeting the rest to spend. Whether you’re saving up for a house, wedding, children or for your retirement, prioritise your goals before going on a pay day spending spree.

If you want to see how little day to day changes in your routine can save you money, try out our interactive ‘Life Hacks’ quiz here: 



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