4 Things You Need To Know (12/6/17)

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4 Things You Need To Know (12/6/17)

Welcome to our daily update, where we summarise the key talking points from the last 24 hours.

1. Theresa May update

The Queen’s speech has been delayed, the BBC are reporting. It had been due to take place on June 19, with the government using the occasion to outline their legislative agenda.

Theresa May remains under pressure. Her party is having to negotiate support with the DUP, but this is proving controversial, with the DUP’s record on issues such as gay rights coming into question. Mrs May met with her backbenchers today, and it is expected that she’ll have to cut back on some of her election manifesto. Foreign secretary Boris Johnson has called on his colleagues to support the beleaguered Prime Minister.

2. Manchester terrorist

The Manchester Arena terrorist built his bomb alone at his flat, police have said. It is less clear if others were complicit in helping him to store materials. Police now have an “hour by hour” understanding of Salman Abedi’s movements in the days before May 22.

3. Donald Trump’s UK visit

Donald Trump is still intending to visit the UK, despite some reports that he wants to delay the trip until the British public are more welcoming.

Both Downing Street and The White House have said there is “no change” to the President’s trip. However, Jeremy Corbyn has tweeted to say “Cancellation of President Trump’s State Visit is welcome, especially after his attack on London’s mayor & withdrawal from ParisClimateDeal.”

4. EU Nurse applicants down 96%

NHS applications from nurses in the European Union have dropped 96% since last year’s Brexit vote. This is a drop from 1,304 applications in July last year to 46 in April 2017. The fall in applications could put further pressure on the NHS, with concerns over a shortage of around 30,000 nurses.

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