4 Things You Need To Know (5/10/17)

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4 Things You Need To Know (5/10/17)

Welcome to our daily update, where we summarise the key talking points from the last 24 hours.

1. Spain

The Spanish Constitutional Court has suspended the session that had been due to take place next Monday for the Catalan Parliament.

The move is seen as an attempt to block an expected Catalonian push for independence, which the court believes would be a constitutional breach.

2. Las Vegas

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter behind the massacre of 58 people, may have been planning to escape the scene of his crime before his suicide.

Sheriffs have said there was evidence of an escape plan, and Paddock may have had some help at some point.

He was “living a secret life, much of which would never be fully understood,” Sheriff Joe Lombardo revealed.

3. Car sales

UK car sales suffered a fall in September, with new car registrations down by 9.3% from September 2016. Diesel sales are down 21.7%.

This marks the first time in six years that car sales have fallen in September – a time when sales are usually up due to the annual change in license plate series.

4. Royal Mail strike

Workers for the Royal Mail are planning to strike for two days from October 19. The dispute is over pay, jobs and pensions.

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