4 Things You Need To Know – General Election News Update

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4 Things You Need To Know – General Election News Update

Here’s a quick look at the news and reaction to last night’s general election results…

1. Hung Parliament

The general election result is a hung parliament, with the Conservatives losing their majority. Theresa May still commands the biggest party, but may have to now make a deal with the DUP. The current standings have the Conservatives on 316 seats, with Labour on 261. That’s a loss of 12 for the Conservatives and a gain of 29 for Labour. This can be considered a successful campaign for Jeremy Corbyn and a poor campaign from Theresa May. The final result is expected to be CON 318, LAB 262.

2. Theresa May Will Continue

Theresa May will not resign, the BBC understands. It is now being reported that she will go to Buckingham Palace at 1230pm to seek permission from The Queen to form a government. Sky News are reporting that sources say the DUP will give their backing to Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn has urged her to quit. He says  “We’ve always said, whatever the circumstances, we’re ready to serve the country and we’re ready to form a government.”

3. SNP Suffer

The SNP suffered losses, with their Westminster leader Angus Robertson losing his seat. Alex Salmond also lost his seat. The Conservatives won 13 seats in Scotland, marking their best performance since 1983. Scottish tory leader Ruth Davidson has said a second Scottish independence referendum is now dead.

4. Liberal Democrats Performance

Tim Farron’s Liberal Democrats gained four seats, however, Nick Clegg has lost his seat.

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