5 Things You Need To Know (10/4/17)

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5 Things You Need To Know (10/4/17)

Welcome to our daily update, where we summarise the key talking points from the last 24 hours.

1. G7 Meeting

Foreign ministers in the G7 group are meeting in Italy today, with events in Syria being key to the agenda.

A more unified approach is being sought, with the aim of getting Russia to distance itself from Assad.

US Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson will follow up from the Italy meeting with a trip to Moscow, where he’ll make the case to Russia on behalf of the US and its allies.

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2. Trump’s Twitter

More than a quarter of Donald Trump’s 27.6 million Twitter followers could be fake, according to a Bloomberg article that highlighted more than 7.5 million of his followers are eggs.

Egg profile pictures indicate novice users, but are also associated with fake accounts and troll users.

3. First Freight Train From UK To China

The first freight train from the UK to China has departed, carrying British goods such as Whisky.

The 17 day 7,500 mile journey started in Essex, and will finish in the Zhejiang province in eastern China. Operators say it is more cost efficient than air, and faster than sea transport.

The service passed through the Channel Tunnel into France, and will also travel through Belgium, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

4. New £1 Coins Going For £6,000

The new £1 coins are selling for significantly higher amounts on eBay, with one coin currently listed at £6,000.

The coins going for higher amounts are the “trial coins” that were handed to businesses ahead of the official March 28 release. There are 200,000 of these coins, and they don’t actually have any legal tender status.

5. Farewell To PC Palmer

Thousands of people have lined the streets in London to bid farewell to PC Keith Palmer.

The heroic police officer was guarding the Houses Of Parliament during the Westminster terrorist attack on March 22. He was stabbed by Khalid Masood.

Police officers from around the UK stood alongside the procession, and two minutes of silence were observed around the country at 2pm.

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