A Client First Platform

Please note this blog post was published over 12 months ago and so may not include the most up-to-date information, for example where regulation around investing has changed.

Putting Our Clients First

We believe that all good ideas should start with the client. That’s why understanding what the consumer wants, needs and expects is vital to developing successful investment products.

We use this principle throughout the design, build, testing and delivery of all our products, including the True Potential Platform.

By thinking about what a client would want from a Platform, we’ve been able to differentiate our offering with unique and valuable technology. We lead the way with 24/7 online access to investments, because we know clients want more than a paper statement once a year.

The same philosophy helped us create impulseSave®, our world first top up technology, because we know clients want to able to add to their investments whenever they like, without paperwork or minimum investment amounts getting in the way.

We also believe in ‘skin in the game’. Our Senior Partners, Management Team and staff are always the first clients to use any new technology. This approach means we know first-hand what works and how to put clients first, because we are all clients ourselves.

By building our new platform from the ground up, we have been able to completely focus on a system with our client’s needs in mind. We have harnessed the latest technology available to enable our systems to be as automated as possible, which has improved our processing efficiencies. And, because we now have full control of our Platform, we can adopt forward thinking technologies such as Blockchain, to initially improve our reconciliation process, and to future proof the platform.

Thanks to our in-house team development team, the True Potential Platform is built to react quickly as consumer demand shifts. By starting with client needs and focusing on them throughout the development of this project, we have delivered a leading investment Platform that’s fit for today and ready for tomorrow.

With investing, your capital is at risk. Investments can fluctuate in value and you may get back less than you invest. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Tax rules can change at any time. This blog is not personal financial advice.

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