Are You Using Our Personal Finance Update?

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Are You Using Our Personal Finance Update?

Personal Finance is a free feature within the True Potential Investor app, enabling you to consolidate all of your bank accounts, savings accounts and credit cards in one place. The benefit of this is a clear overview of your spending, with the app working to automatically track and categorise your purchases.

For example, you’ll see categories such as ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Food & Groceries’. By looking at how your spending breaks down across several categories, you’ll get a better idea of where you could save more or spend more. The knowledge you gain could help you to save thousands over a year.

We are already hearing success stories on our Facebook page. David Reid commented, “I no longer spend £8 per day on Asda lunches! Convenience is one thing, but I’d rather have the £160 per month in my pocket! £160 per month, that’s nearly £2000 per year! That’s a holiday just for being a bit more sensible. Brings it home when you see it on a screen in front of you.”

The app effortlessly records and categorises your spending, enabling you to make the decision on your expenditure. The set-up for linking your accounts is a quick and easy one-time-only process. Furthermore, with the latest encryption and security technology, none of your login credentials are accessed or stored by us. Your transactional data is accessed securely via Yodlee.

Download the True Potential Investor app now, and access Personal Finance from the menu. Let us know what you think of the feature by commenting on our Twitter and Facebook.   

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