Behind the scenes with Matt Hancock MP at True Potential Investor

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Behind the scenes with Matt Hancock MP at True Potential Investor

On June 22 we were delighted to welcome the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to True Potential Investor’s head office. Matt Hancock MP was thrilled to meet our staff, before speaking at the Fintech Central event which was hosted here. Matt praised the “groundbreaking work” we are doing in financial services. Here’s a behind the scenes look at Matt’s tour and Fintech Central appearance, and don’t miss our video recapping the amazing day.

Matt Hancock MP with our Managing Partner David Harrison.

Our recent European Business Award win was one of the many proud moments we shared with the Secretary of State.

Discussing some our recent achievements.

Mark Henderson, Senior Partner, introduces our investment team.

Dianne Pattison, Digital Delivery Manager, explains to Matt how we have developed technology such as impulseSave® to make investing more accessible and straight-forward for everyone.

Matt was very impressed with his visit to what we call the Innovation Hub.

Daniel Harrison, Senior Partner, introduces the Fintech Central event with a demonstration of impulseSave®

Explaining how impulseSave® has made investing more accessible.

Innovation has been key to our success.

We believe in using technology to make investing simple, effective, and unique.

Mark Henderson, Senior Partner, explains the impulseSave® process.

We’re passionate about fintech and using it to help our clients.

Neil Johnson, Senior Partner, talks about our business performance.

The North East is becoming a hub for fintech business.

Guy Opperman, MP for Hexham, talks about the benefit of fintech business in the North East of England, before introducing Matt Hancock.

Guy Opperman is proud to see how modern industry has regenerated traditional North Eastern areas.

Guy Opperman is MP for the nearby Hexham constituency.

Matt Hancock MP commented “Great to speak at True Potential, supporting their groundbreaking work in financial services. One of many brilliant success stories of the North’s rejuvenation.”

Matt Hancock believes the UK is at the forefront of technology and fintech.

Our achievements were recognised in Matt’s speech.

Q and A time, with the crowd keen to ask Matt his views on a variety of business and technology subjects.

Guy Opperman prepares to throw the Micbox into the crowd for any questions.

Matt and Guy enjoyed the interaction with the audience.

The Q and A was a great success.

David Harrison thanks Matt Hancock for his time and well received speech.

The event and day were a huge success for everyone involved.

The event ended with an epic video production recapping our decade of success. You can see this video at the conclusion of our behind the scenes YouTube video.
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