Daryl Gaddi explains how The Social Mobility Pledge aided his career development

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Throughout our business, we are committed to giving young people the opportunity to progress. That’s why we were one of the first businesses to sign the Social Mobility Pledge.

Becoming a Social Mobility Pledge accredited employer demonstrates commitment to accessing and progressing talent from all backgrounds. The Pledge was launched by Justine Greening MP and the Harrison Centre for Social Mobility in Spring 2018, and over two million UK employees are now covered.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be taking a look at how our commitment to social mobility over the years has helped to support career progression in our business.

Daryl Gaddi, Business Analyst & Project Management

Tell us about your life and career before true potential?

I was born in the Philippines and moved to the UK when I was in my late teens with my family. My parents were economic migrants, working as medical professionals in the NHS.

It was an interesting time because I had to do quite a bit of adjustment. The education system was different, the way people interacted, the culture and the language.

After doing my A-Levels, I went to Newcastle University to do Information Systems. After which, I began my journey within True Potential.

How did you get started at True Potential?

I started at True Potential on the eve of Bonfire Night, 2007 as an Implementation & Support Engineer. The role involved liaising with client firms, taking them through the onboarding process, delivering their systems and providing ongoing business & technical support.

What opportunities has True Potential offered for career development?

Since then, I’ve had various different roles from Implementation Lead, Operations Management, Advisor Liaison, Data Analysis and more recently Business Analysis & Project Management.

I have been fortunate to have worked at various functions and make each transition successful with the support of senior management and colleagues, for which I am grateful.

What skills have you learned at True Potential?

My career path has so far provided me with a generalist grounding. It’s enabled me to develop technical skills like data analysis, a good understanding of financial services and a sound technology foundation. It also allowed me to develop soft skills like communication & presentation skills, leadership & management, problem solving & critical thinking, and the confidence & keenness to learn new things.

How do you see the Social Mobility Pledge in action at True Potential?

I have had the pleasure of working with apprentices from different backgrounds, who like myself, were given the same opportunity to have a positive start in their careers. Being able to help them through their development is a very rewarding experience, as I am able to practice on my mentoring and be able to pass on the skills that I’ve acquired whilst they gain valuable experience.

A lot of them are now full time colleagues doing different things like working in investment operations, pensions and data analysis just to name a few.

This is testament to the values of the Social Mobility Pledge in empowering individuals from every background to widen their horizons and be the best that they can be.

What do you enjoy most about working at True Potential?

Being in a company, centred in innovative thinking, there’s always something new on the horizon. I like exploring new ideas, new concepts, asking “Is there a better way?”

I’m currently working on two strategic initiatives of different scopes and complexity, in a business analyst & project management role.

It’s tackling these kind of challenges and finding innovative solutions with colleagues that I enjoy the most.

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

I now have my own family; a wife and child and another one on the way.

One of my hopes is that my children would live in a society where one’ abilities, talent and potential are given the opportunity to be nurtured and developed. A society where those opportunities have better accessibility to a wider spectrum of people. A society where people can get on in life, through their own determined effort, aptitude and aspirations, regardless of background.

Fintech is an exciting place to be, and it is a privilege to be in an industry that’s bursting with innovation and ripe with opportunity. With the help of senior management & colleagues, I’m about to finish the MBA programme at Durham University. I hope to continue contributing to True Potential’s phenomenal growth and to help it revolutionise the way wealth management is delivered, using the skills I have acquired through the programme and in the workplace.

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