Harrison Centre For Social Mobility Is Launched

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Harrison Centre For Social Mobility Is Launched

David Harrison, Managing Partner at True Potential Investor, has launched the Harrison Centre for Social Mobility to tackle some of the North East’s most entrenched social issues.

The Newcastle United Foundation and Sunderland AFC’s Foundation Of Light were amongst several local charities to share in £30,000 from HCSM at launch.

Speaking at the launch of HCSM at Walwick Hall in Northumberland, David Harrison said:

“I grew up in a typical County Durham pit village. It was assumed that my future would follow the same path as my parents and I got little out of the education system. I had to travel long distances to find work, was often poorly paid.

“Luckily I found an entrepreneurial streak and realised that I could set up and run a business of my own, look after my family and employ others. So I feel like I have lived social mobility and I would like others from similar backgrounds to me to have the same opportunity but perhaps to discover it a little easier.

“I learned that ambition and aspiration have to come from the individual ultimately but it sometimes needs someone who is trusted to point it out.

“Often new ideas are seen as being too risky for bureaucratic public funding, so HCSM will step in where there is a real chance of success. We are trying to show what is possible and give young people the chance to reach their true potential.”

Read more about HCSM at the Newcastle United Foundation and Sunderland AFC’s Foundation Of Light.

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