Helping People Feel Un-Isolated

Please note this blog post was published over 12 months ago and so may not include the most up-to-date information, for example where regulation around investing has changed.

Helping People Feel Un-Isolated

As you will be aware the Coronavirus is having an enormous impact on the lives of people around the world, but especially the most vulnerable. At True Potential, we want to play our part in helping our clients feel reassured and supported. 

We have created an online Facebook community for anyone who feels isolated during this period. I have had to self-isolate and as someone who enjoys human interaction, this is a painful prospect. I’ll be posting regular updates as I try to adapt to a new lifestyle and way of working. There will be special guest appearances, reading recommendations, tips to stay fit and active and much more.  

 This will all take place on a new community Facebook pages:

Please visit the page and also encourage those who may feel isolated to do so as well. It’s a place to ask questions, share ideas as well as problems and to support each other through a very difficult period.   

Thank you and please stay safe.  

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