How To Use Personal Finance In The True Potential Investor App

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How To Use Personal Finance In The True Potential Investor App

Personal Finance is the latest innovation within our True Potential Investor app. It allows you to link your bank accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards, all in one place. This all-in-one consolidation gives you the complete picture of your spending, giving you the freedom and control to then make decisions on goals and budgets.

Here’s how it works…

1. Download the True Potential Investor app

You’ll find the True Potential Investor app in the App Store. When you download it, you’ll find the Personal Finance feature within the main menu.

2. Connect your accounts

Once you’ve opened Personal Finance, you’ll quickly and simply be able to go through the process of connecting any bank accounts, credit cards, and savings accounts. This takes just a few minutes, and is a one-time only set-up. It is a secure process, with the latest encryption technology, and transactional data accessed securely via Yodlee.

3. View your transactions

Once you’ve connected your accounts, the app will categorise all your spending. The easy to understand graphics will show how your money is working for you. Your spending will then automatically update overnight, giving you an up to date picture of how your expenditure is adding up.

4. You take control

With Personal Finance, you are in control. You can set goals and budgets based on the data you see, making your own mind up on categories where you feel you could save more. You can live better with our effortless Personal Finance.

Download the True Potential Investor app now to get access to the Personal Finance

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