Introducing a new level of security at True Potential Investor

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Introducing a new level of security at True Potential Investor

When you put anything personal online, you want the peace of mind to know it is private and secure. That’s especially true when you are dealing with your money.

We’ve always made it a priority to look after our clients at True Potential Investor, which is why you have to use both a password and passphrase when logging in to your account.

To add even greater security to your account, we’re now adding a third layer of security.

When you next access your account online, you’ll be prompted to set two security question and answers. We’ll ask you one of these questions to confirm your identity when you call us or when you make changes to your online account.

Why are we doing this? It’s the most secure way of protecting you, as the question and answer provide a personal level of security that only you should know. They are not displayed or stored anywhere in your account, so there is no way for a third part to access them.

This added layer of security helps us to verify that it really is you we’re dealing with, whether online or when you call us.

So, what makes a good security question? The key is to pick something that only you will know. Avoid general things that anybody could easily find out. For example, favourite football club wouldn’t really be a suitable option, as chances are a quick look on your social media page could give this away to someone.

Instead, think about memorable questions that would be hard to guess, for example ‘What was the name of your favourite teacher?’ or ‘What was the first band you saw live?’.

For an even greater level of personal security, make your answer a lie! It is even less likely that someone could guess your answer if it is both personal to you and a fiction inside your own head.

Speaking about the extra protection this change gives to our clients, Luke McGrath, Head of Marketing, said “Security and trust are vital when dealing with people’s money and I’m delighted we can roll out this improvement to our service, to sit alongside the features we already have in place, including fingerprint ID on our app.”

If you invest with us already, log in and set your questions today.

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