Meet Our Team: Glen Lamond

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Meet Our Team: Glen Lamond

Glen Lamond is a New Adviser Support Partner at True Potential.

Learn more about his role in the company, his advice to first time investors, and what makes our company special.

How did you get started in the industry?

I joined TSB Bank straight from college in 1988, becoming a Financial Adviser in the mid-1990s for a couple of years. From there, I went on to be a Branch Manager before returning to Regulated Financial Advice in 2007.

Tell us about your area of expertise?

As part of the New Adviser Support Team, my role is to work with new Financial Advisers when they join True Potential. I work alongside the training team during the advisers’ induction course and look after the advisers for their first 12 months with the company, whilst they are “learning the ropes.”

This ensures a new adviser’s experience a smooth transition and they quickly become comfortable and confident with the systems and processes, allowing them to offer their clients a great level of service.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The people, my clients and colleagues. I spend lot of time at work so it is nice to be part of a great team. I also have good relationships with the advisers I support, which is great as most of my day spent on live web sessions with advisers. I have always worked with people so I am lucky to be in a role which lets me draw on my experience.

What makes the company special?

Using our technology and innovation to put the client first. It is a refreshing change to see systems and processes designed with the clients in mind. This gives clients access to user friendly systems and straightforward solutions to aid in meeting their financial goals.

What are the most important things to consider for first time investors?

I think people’s approach to investing for the first time has, in the past, been driven by the influence of the people closest to them, such as their parents. True Potential allows clients to make their own decisions from setting their own goals to how their money is invested. This ensures they are approaching their own investment in a way that they are comfortable with. The goal based approach empowers everyone to be more in control of their financial future.

What are you most excited about in regard to the future of the company?

I love the fact that True Potential are always looking to the future and continuously searching for ways to improve our products, technology and systems. Change can happen quickly so it is exciting to see where we go next.


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