Meet the Platform team: Jamie Heaton, Data Architect

Please note this blog post was published over 12 months ago and so may not include the most up-to-date information, for example where regulation around investing has changed.

Jamie Heaton is the Lead Data Architect on our Platform team, here he tells us what the role involves and gives a great insight into his work on the delivery of our new and enhanced investments Platform.

First things first. What is your role within the platform team?

I am the Lead Data Architect, responsible for developing the database for our new platform whilst also being part of the original team designing the system.

The Platform project started in January 2017. Before that what was your role within the business?

I’ve been with the firm for over a decade and for over five years I worked as Operational Analyst within our Platform Operation team. The role ranged from analysing large data sets for investment activity to implementing controlled processes to help reduce manual processing within the Ops team.

What data analyst skills can be transferred over into Development?

When analysing large sets of data you develop a keen eye for detail but also a sense of logic which is key, but also having gained a solid background of business requirements and being able to call on my the technical knowledge of the platform equally important to allow me to understand the processes we need to develop and why.

We have always strived to build unique technology for our clients. How does having an in-house platform help with this?

Quite simply; we’re in control of what our platform can and can’t do. We’ve designed the platform to not only continue business as normal but also to have the flexibility to continue to develop unique features which will enhance our clients investment experience.

To the common client what is the investment cycle of the Platform?

Investment cycles will remain the same, typically four days for a new trade to settle, as these driven by the market. But we have increased the speed in which investments are placed, trades are instructed the moment new cash is received.

With the business growing quickly, is the new Platform future proof?

Absolutely. We designed and developed this from the database up, ensuring the structures we put in place follow the flow of an investment cycle, and with a focus on performance so that the platform will operate equally as efficiently with 100, 5000, 100000, or upwards of half a million clients.

This approach also means we can seamlessly implement new, leading technology – such as Blockchain – without fuss or detrimental impact to the system.

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