New Fund: True Potential Goldman Sachs Balanced

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New Fund: True Potential Goldman Sachs Balanced

We are delighted to announce a further strengthening of our relationship with Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) with the launch our second fund managed with GSAM and following the highly-successful launch of the True Potential Income Builder Fund earlier this year. Our fund has evolved from the successful GSAM Dynamic and now brings together the combined expertise of GSAM and True Potential Investments oversight for the benefit of our clients.

We now have 28 funds under the True Potential Investments banner, with an invested value of £4.5 billion.

The new fund will have an OCF of 0.95%, representing excellent value for a strategy that offers further diversification of both assets and management style

Key Features

  • Management by GSAM Global Portfolio Solutions, who are specialists in multi-asset investment with over 20 years in multi asset investing and with over $103 billion of assets under supervision.
  • Institutional, advanced thinking normally only used by large company pension schemes and sovereign wealth funds, made available to retail investors through True Potential.
  • Predominantly active strategies but with low-cost investments to help drive costs down

The fund offers a genuinely different management style. This comprises an innovative and sophisticated approach to asset allocation using factors that drive both return and risk while avoiding undue concentration in equities:

  • GSAM look at factors of low correlation or uncorrelated to each other when investing to deliver diversification.
  • Tactical proactive views of the prospects of countries and regions of the world.
  • Business-cycle aware, with the ability to reduce and add risk.

Our new fund fits within our highly successful True Potential Portfolios. We use eight different managers, of which GSAM is one, to build our Portfolios. This means we are not relying on one single manager with one single style. Instead we benefit from eight different world-class managers acting independently of each other, brought together by True Potential Investments. This allows for an even higher level of diversification, which we call Advanced Diversification.

The latest Balanced fund is designed and managed with similar objectives to Goldman Sachs’ own Dynamic Fund which will be closing at the end of January following the introduction of the new enhanced fund.

For clients holding Dynamic in a True Potential Portfolio, we will process the fund switch therefore no action is required. For advisers who hold the original fund outside of the Portfolios, your Business Development Manager will be in touch to help you reinvest.


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