Our Personal Finance Feature Explained

Please note this blog post was published over 12 months ago and so may not include the most up-to-date information, for example where regulation around investing has changed.

Our Personal Finance Feature Explained

By downloading the True Potential Investor app, you are also gaining access to our new Personal Finance feature.

Personal Finance gives you the ability to link your bank accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards from different providers in a single convenient place. This gives you a total view of your finances. It is a free feature, with a quick and easy one-time-only set-up.

The big advantage of Personal Finance is the greater clarity on your outgoings. Your transactions are automatically categorised, with the automatic spending tracking doing the work for you. By seeing what you are spending, you may find it easier to identify areas for potential savings.

The all-in-one consolidation works when you link your accounts, which is done securely via the latest encryption and security technology. Your transactional data is accessed securely via Yodlee, giving you extra peace of mind. None of your login credentials are accessed or stored by us.

With Personal Finance automatically recording and categorising your spending, you are free to maximise your time and money.

Download True Potential Investor today, and see how Personal Finance could transform your lifestyle.

Personal Finance