Run Gregg Run! Running the Length of the UK To Fundraise for Cash for Kids

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Run Gregg Run! Running the Length of the UK To Fundraise for Cash for Kids

At True Potential, we’ve all been doing more for charity and local community during these challenging times, and Senior Partner Gregg Lang is now going the extra mile. In fact, he’s going the extra 1,082 miles.

Over the next ten months, Gregg is virtually running the length of the UK, 1,082 virtual miles from Lands End to John O’Groats. That’s roughly 90 miles a month, or three miles every day. Gregg’s goal is to fundraise as many donations as possible for Mission Christmas Cash for Kids, and you can follow his progress and donate here.

This great charity ensures that children in our local area are supported over the Christmas period, with a focus on alleviating poverty, supporting disability and improving quality of life. It’s a charity that we’ve supported for the past two years at True Potential, with staff fundraising £6,000 which was doubled to £12,000 by True Potential’s Senior Partners this past Christmas.

Gregg’s aim is to raise more than £5,000, and he’s currently 147 miles into his epic virtual run. You can view his progress on our virtual map and get updates on where he’d be in the country.

Speaking about the challenge, Gregg said: “Cash for Kids is such a great cause and over the years we’ve been able to directly help those in need – especially at a time of year where those going without can really suffer. I’ve never really enjoyed running, so this was always going to be difficult but the motivation of helping others keeps me going. I’d initially set a target of £5,000 thinking it would be unachievable but seeing over £1,000 raised already really gives me a push to get out on the cold, dark and even snowy mornings. Thank you to everyone for donating and forcing me to get out running”

Daniel Harrison, True Potential Chief Executive, said: “I couldn’t think of a better ambassador representing True Potential than Gregg. This is quite the undertaking and will require a lot of hard work, but I know Gregg will hit his goal. Cash for Kids is an excellent cause for Gregg to support and we look forward to backing him all the way.”

You can donate to this great cause here and check back regularly at for updates on how Gregg is getting on.

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