Six Great Reasons to Subscribe to the True Potential YouTube Channel

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Six Great Reasons to Subscribe to the True Potential YouTube Channel

Are you subscribed to the True Potential YouTube Channel? We want to help you to do more with your money, which is why we create expert-led videos on investments, personal finance and how the global economy impacts your money.

If knowledge is wealth, then you’ll want to make sure you are subscribed, with notifications turned on, ensuring the very latest insight and discussions come directly to you.

Here are some of the great reasons to click the Subscribe button today:

1. Get a daily briefing with Morning Markets

If an expert in investments offered to provide you with free daily updates on all the current factors which could directly affect your investments, would you be interested? In short, one of the reasons why you should subscribe to the True Potential YouTube Channel, is our Morning Markets daily video series.

Jeff Casson, our Chief Investment Officer, provides a daily update on the markets, relevant politics, and anything that could impact your money. These are produced every weekday morning, and by subscribing and clicking the notification bell, you’ll be notified to see these videos before they are shared on any of the other True Potential platforms.

2. Learn more about your money with the Do More With Your Money Podcast

Our weekly podcast offers feature length topical discussions about personal finance, the latest news and politics, and what has been happening in the world of investing within the last week.

Our podcast showcases a variety of different personalities, so you can get up close and personal with the experts and characters behind True Potential. With regular appearances from our Chairman and Chief Executive, our podcast is a relaxed and informal conversation, offering insights, alternative interpretations, and good humour to help you do more with your money.

3. Pick up lockdown tips from Staff Stories

Over the lockdown period, we adopted the philosophy of ‘Don’t just survive, thrive’, and our new remote working environment presented us with the opportunity to create a brand-new video series.

Our ‘Staff Stories’ series features True Potential staff documenting their own personal experiences of lockdown and sharing their tips and tricks. From our in-house Developers, Group Executive Assistant, to our Investment Management Team, you can take a glimpse at their working from home life and learn about their career progression.

4. Enjoy bite size podcast clips on-the-go

For those on the go, subscribing to the True Potential YouTube Channel means you’ll be notified with smaller Podcast clips that you can watch in just a few minutes. These videos are perfect for getting right to the heart of the matter. Whenever you’ve got a few minutes to fill, these clips are the perfect accompaniment for staying informed and entertained.

If you don’t have the time to catch a full episode, these easily consumed bite sized clips will ensure you never miss a key insight.

5. Make the most of your account with Investor Academy

Not only do we provide videos to share knowledge of the markets and investments, but we also run out own Investor Academy video series too. These videos show you simple to become a better investor through our award-winning technology.

The videos walk you through how to get the most from your True Potential account, showcasing the different features and functions which could help you become a successful investor.

6. Guide our future content with your comments

The best part of having an online platform is the interaction and engagement with our audience and clients. We read and reply to all comments that are left on our videos, and they often inform some of the discussion on future videos.


Be a part of the channel by subscribing and commenting, we love to hear other people’s perspectives and opinions. If there’s a topic you want us to cover – let us know.

To keep up to date with investment data, market news, and our debates and discussions, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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