Theresa May Launches The Conservative Manifesto

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Theresa May Launches The Conservative Manifesto

Theresa May has launched the Conservative Manifesto. Here’s some highlights…

-Brexit Secretary David Davis introduced Mrs May and stressed the importance of getting the right Brexit deal by voting Conservative at the election.

-May started her speech by saying that UK will emerge “stronger, fairer and more prosperous than ever before.”

-She stressed that this is a manifesto for all. Background, religion, colour, sexuality doesn’t hold anyone back.

-The manifesto identifies five great challenges, Economy, Brexit, social divisions, ageing society, and changing technology.

-“My mainstream Government will deliver for mainstream Britain” she said.

-She promises to fight injustice “wherever it is found,” and gives particular focus to improving mental health issues.

-She says it is time to put “tribal politics” behind us.

-“Ordinary working people will pay the price of Labour” she says.

-“There is no Mayism, there is good solid conservatism.”

-The manifesto says no deal is better than a bad deal for Brexit. May says it is mandate to get best deal for UK.

You can read the full manifesto here…/Manifesto2017.pdf

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