True Potential Gains COVID 19 Compliant Assurance Certification

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True Potential Gains COVID 19 Compliant Assurance Certification

The Coronavirus and regular national and local lockdowns have significantly impacted our daily lives for over a year now, including our behaviour as consumers and workers. As life begins to return to normal, Newcastle City Council introduced The COVID 19 Compliant Assurance Scheme to reassure the public and those returning to work.

At True Potential, we believe businesses have the responsibility to safeguard their staff and visitors by implementing robust measures and protocols to help protect them. The COVID 19 Complaint Assurance Scheme recognises this.

In order to be receive the COVID 19 Compliant status, businesses must meet the standards set out in the COVID 19 Secure Working Safely Guidelines together with applicable legislative and industry standards.

At True Potential we are incredibly proud to have achieved this status, prioritising the safety of our staff and the public.

The certification recognises the high standards of safety at True Potential, and we’re delighted that our employees, financial advisers, clients and guests can be confident that their safety and protection is being taken seriously when visiting our Head Office.

During the most recent lockdown, True Potential Head Office, underwent a multi-million pound refurbishment to better suit our new way of working, with staff typically working from the office two days a week.

The safety of our staff and visitors was a priority during the planning and design process, and here are some of the measures taken:

  • We placed multiple hand sanitisation stations strategically throughout the office, across all three floors and at all entrances, along with digital temperature readers.
  • One-way systems were set in place so our staff could navigate the office safely with ease.
  • Masks are to be worn when not seated at a working space.
  • The quantity of people working from the office at once has been significantly reduced, with the introduction of a work from home structure. This reduced the amount of desk space needed, and therefore more open and airy seating arrangements are now used.
  • Two large living plant walls were also installed to improve the air quality within our head office.
  • Meeting rooms were installed with technology that improves air circulation.

For Daniel Harrison, Chief Executive, taking these extra measures was a priority-

 “Ensuring that our staff and clients have a safe working environment is paramount to us at True Potential. The remodelling of the office gave us the opportunity to add more space, light, fresh air and a better overall work environment. Achieving this certification helps formalise these steps and gives further certainty to everyone visiting our head office.”

If you’d like to take a better look at our newly refurbished head office, click here to watch our Head Office Tour.  


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