True Potential Investor Atlantic Row: “I shall learn from my failures”

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True Potential Investor Atlantic Row: “I shall learn from my failures”

It was less than a week ago that Stu Morton launched his solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. The True Potential Investor Atlantic Row spanned nearly 4000 miles between Portugal and Venezuela, and Stu had prepared extensively for the challenge.

Unfortunately, Stu’s boat suffered an equipment failure on day one. Further damage was then suffered during the rescue from the coastguard. Stu had no option but to delay the row. Here’s his latest update on how he has dealt with this situation-

Life has challenges, some are easy, some are hard. The challenge I chose is a tough one and a lot has to go right to be successful in completing the challenge.

Lots of people in life have things happen to them that are unfair and far more difficult than what’s happened to me. I’m extremely lucky to be in the position I am and after some extensive boat works to fix the damage sustained during my rescue my boat will be ready for the challenge again. It will take some months and a lot of money but we will get there.

I shall learn from my failures and apply the new knowledge I have and get to where I want to be.

Reacting to this situation negatively is a waste of time, a waste of energy and it makes no progress to ascertaining what went wrong and how to fix it.

Having talked things over with my project manager Leven we have identified where things went wrong and how to put them right. I’m lucky to be in this position as I will better prepared for the next attempt. I get to learn from my mistakes, to regroup, reset and attack my challenge once more.

I will follow up the exact failures of the boat in another post tomorrow, Stu.

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