True Potential Investor Atlantic Row: “There is always someone worse off than yourself.”

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True Potential Investor Atlantic Row: “There is always someone worse off than yourself.”

It was one week ago that Stu Morton launched his solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. The True Potential Investor Atlantic Row spanned nearly 4000 miles between Portugal and Venezuela, and Stu had prepared extensively for the challenge.

Unfortunately, Stu’s boat suffered an equipment failure on day one. Here’s his latest update on what exactly went wrong, how he has dealt with the situation, and what comes next-

Back in October I had part of my deck replaced near the main footplate of my boat as the wood was rotten and had allowed moisture to invade the structure of my boat making it weak. I had someone replace the deck and the work took a long time so I didn’t have a chance to test the new deck before I set off. Also deep down I knew I should’ve replaced the deck hatch covers too but I decided not to as I didn’t want to extend the vast amount of money I had already spent on the boat. 50 or 60 miles into the row the Boat started to fill up with water, 4 of the 8 deck hatches, both storage bins and the footwell were completely full to the brim with water, as a result the water started making its way into my cabin and my electrics started failing. To carry on would have been foolish and unsafe so I begrudgingly initiated a rescue. While towing the boat back the coastguard collided with my boat and cause some significant damage to her bows which will need to be fixed. The work required to make her safe again and the money needed to start the work means I have to delay until next year. Which leads me to my mantra and what I use to deal with pretty much anything in my life.


I get to go again, I get to fix my boat and I get to learn from my mistakes. Not everyone is as lucky as me.

Thank you to everyone who has messaged me with well wishes and “hope you’re okay” messages. I’m good, I get to have another go and I’ve learned a lot. Plus it could have been worse…………a lot worse!

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