True Potential Portfolios Real Time Valuations

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True Potential Portfolios Real Time Valuations

One of the ways we do more at True Potential is through our in-house developers, and even when working from home the team have shown their agility to launch our latest innovation.

Our development team, headed by Lead Developers David Gracie and David Reid, have been busy enhancing the True Potential Platform. The aim was to speed up the time taken to publish the latest True Potential Portfolio values to clients through our mobile apps and online accounts. This task was completed successfully and on time, which is testament to the advantages of having our True Potential Platform in-house.

Previously, Portfolio values were updated through the night with the previous day’s close of business prices. The new process allows accounts holding True Potential Investments funds and Portfolios to value both overnight and during the day, giving the client an up-to-date valuation at the time they log in.

Clients can access these real-time valuations via True Potential’s award-winning apps and online accounts, which offer market leading transparency and tools for investors to do more with their money. Clients can log in and track their investments at any time 24/7, using features such as our industry first impulseSave® to top up investments at any time from just £1.

Lead Developer David Reid explained the process behind the development: “Implementing real time valuations on top of overnight data feeds has been a new innovation from a technical perspective. The work itself involved collaboration between several areas of the True Potential Development Team. Changes were made across our Investment Platform, Valuation Engine, Client Site and mobile applications. In total, the development was completed in less that two weeks, which is testament to our ownership, control and development in-house of all aspects of our code-base.”

The culmination of this project is another example of our innovative business philosophy. The agility and adaptability of our in-house development team has resulted in continued innovation and we hope that clients will benefit from this new way of doing more with their money.

Reacting to the successful implementation of real-time valuations for clients, True Potential Chief Executive Daniel Harrison said: “The launch of real time True Potential Portfolios values shows that even at the most testing of times our staff are ready and able to deliver. Well done to our development team, this makes our investments even more transparent, and we look forward to doing more for clients through the rest of 2020.”

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