True Potential Strengthen During Lockdown

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True Potential Strengthen During Lockdown

We’re all delighted at True Potential to have welcomed over fifty new members of staff to the business since the start of lockdown.

There are fifty-eight new starters in the company, in roles ranging from IT to Compliance. Many of these new hires were made remotely, with interviews conducted online.

It has been ‘business at usual’ at True Potential, with our 300 strong workforce working from home since the first lockdown in March. Up until the recent government measures, the transition back to Head Office had begun, and our new colleagues have taken to True Potential brilliantly, getting involved in charity days such as the Great North Car Park Run.

True Potential’s strengthening of staff numbers is in fitting with the ‘antifragile’ business ethos that has helped us thrive, not just survive.

True Potential Chief Executive, Daniel Harrison, said: “There is no doubt that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in business that anyone can remember but I’m delighted with how we have responded.

“We have continued our growth and are in a position where we have needed to add to our team.

“I’m incredibly proud that amid a lot of business disruption, True Potential has continued to grow, I hope the final few months of the year are as successful.’

New starter, Helga, on the Marketing team, said “It’s been an incredible experience, from the first online interview in South Africa in May, to moving countries and meeting the team in September. Everyone at True Potential has been incredibly welcoming. Team spirit and the sense of community is what has stood out the most for me during these unprecedented times.’

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