True Potential Wins Big At The Pensions Dashboard TechSprint

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True Potential Wins Big At The Pensions Dashboard TechSprint

We are delighted to announce that we have won two of the four awards at the Pensions Dashboard TechSprint.

The event was organised by HM Treasury and took place at Aviva’s Digital Garage in London. Our goal was to develop the best ideas for how Pensions Dashboards could help revolutionise retirement planning. Twenty leading technology firms took part, and we were put into teams to come up with the best ideas in an overnight TechSprint.

Our hard work paid off, and alongside Bravura and MyFutureNow, we won the ‘Eureka’ and ‘People’s Choice’ awards for our ‘Act Your Age’ financial age comparison tool.

Pensions Dashboards aim to allow people to see all of their pension savings in one place. The current situation hasn’t been clear enough. Indeed, research has shown that over a third of people approaching retirement find it hard to keep track of their pensions. There’s currently £400 million worth of pensions pots that are unclaimed. The goal of Pensions Dashboards is to help people access their information more easily.

Our success at the TechSprint made for a fantastic conclusion to a tremendous FinTech week, and the Economic Secretary to the Treasuary, Simon Kirkby, said “I want to congratulate the TechSprint winners on their fantastic ideas and thank everyone for taking part. It is great to see the potential FinTech has to help consumers now and in the future.”

Our group statement, published on the government’s website, said “Our approach to give people more information about their pension was to keep it simple – and keep it effective.”

The TechSprint event marked the end of FinTech week, with over 800 people attending the government’s conference. Speakers included Adrienne Harris, the former special assistant to Barack Obama’s economic policy.

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