UK General Election Reaction

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UK General Election Reaction

The UK general election has concluded, with the Conservatives earning 318 seats and Labour 261. This has resulted in a hung parliament, with Theresa May no longer commanding a majority. The Conservatives are still the biggest party, and Mrs May intends to form a new government with support from the DUP.

The result of the election has come as a surprise to many, including our politicians, and you can expect to read sensationalist headlines over the next few days. However, our 10 multi-asset True Potential Portfolios are positioned to remain versatile and resilient in the ever-changing economic and political landscape here and abroad.

Our investors benefit from agile management, and we are in contact with our investment partners to ensure a considered response if necessary to the general election results.

Our eight investment partners do invest globally and seek out opportunities in all markets. The inherent diversification of the portfolios demonstrates that avoiding over reliance on any one market, asset class or investment styles makes great sense during times of unexpected political events.

The UK market has opened strongly up this morning driven by moderate currency movements. Theresa May visited Buckingham Palace at 1230pm and asked The Queen’s permission to form the government.

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