Personal Finance

Video: How To Use Personal Finance

How to use our new Personal Finance feature in the True Potential Investor app.

Jodie McGrath-Hayes talks you through the quick and easy process in our latest video. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more.

You’ll find the True Potential Investor app in the App Store. Once you’ve downloaded it, open Personal Finance from within the main menu. You’ll now be able to link your bank accounts, credit cards, and savings accounts in a quick and simple set-up. This is a one-time only process, with full security and encryption measures.

The app will automatically categorise your spending, showing you simple graphics that demonstrate how your money is working for you. This will update overnight, giving you a clear picture of how your spending is adding up.

Personal Finance puts you in control. You can set goals and budgets based on the data you see. You can then make your own mind up on categories where you feel you could save more.

Download the True Potential Investor app now to gain access to our innovative Personal Finance feature.