The Story Unfolds: True Potential’s 2015 Annual Report

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The Story Unfolds: True Potential’s 2015 Annual Report

Following on from our successful launch, we’re delighted to share our Annual Report for 2015 today. Entitled ‘The Story Unfolds’, the Report gives True Potential Investor clients greater insight into the scale and success of the wider True Potential Group.

Did you know that as well as operating an award-winning online investment service, we work with close to 20% of UK Financial Advisers, manage our own funds and portfolios through our Investment Management Firm, supply auto enrolment solutions to thousands of businesses, deliver financial education to almost 100,000 Britons, and much more?

Our Annual Report includes information on all aspects of the Group as well as detailed financial figures, which show its growing size and profitability.

Highlights from 2015 include:

  • Turnover of £56.7 million
  • Profit of £12.4 million
  • 98% increase in the number of payments made through our world-first impulseSave® technology
  • Launched our exclusive Managed Portfolio Series
  • Appeared in both the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and UK Technology Fast 50

Without the ongoing support of our clients, staff and stakeholders, our story would not have unfolded in the way that it has. 2015 was a remarkable year for the True Potential Group and one that we look back on with a real sense of achievement.

However, it’s now time to turn to 2016 and we’ve already made a fantastic start to the year by expanding our unique auto enrolment service and launching our new True Potential Investor site. We’ve built a reputation as an innovative business in the financial services industry and we intend to keep revolutionising the way people engage with their investments.

We’re delighted that your support continues and that you’ll be a part of the next chapter of our growth. We’d like to thank you for investing, both with us and in us.

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