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Download True Potential Personal Finance

We are excited to announce our new ‘Personal Finance’ feature is now available as part of the True Potential Investor app.

Personal Finance is a free feature that is designed to give you an effortless experience in saving. It links all your bank accounts in one place, then automatically tracks your spending, giving you a clear picture of where your money is going.

Your Personal Finance experience starts by linking all your bank accounts, savings accounts and credit cards in the app. This is a simple one-time-only process. Your data is then consolidated, giving you your complete financial picture.

By automatically categorising your spending, Personal Finance helps you to keep track of your outgoings. It shows you exactly where your expenditure is concentrated.

You can then use this knowledge to adjust budgets and goals. Maybe you’ll realise you are over-spending in a particular area, or maybe you’ll see that by saving in one category you’ll be able to spend more on something else.

For your peace of mind, Personal Finance utilises the very latest in encryption and security technology. Linking all of your accounts in one place is a safe and secure process, with none of your login credentials accessed or stored by us, and your transactional data accessed securely via Yodlee.

Download the True Potential Investor app now to gain access to our innovative Personal Finance feature.

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